Spartanburg County Bible Education In School Time

Spartanburg County Bible Education In School Time

    The BEST Students Study the Bible Every Day!

                Bible Education in School Time

Release Time Program

Students study the Bible off campus during their school day

What is Bible Education in School Time?

The Holy BibleBible Education in School Time (BEST), also known as Released Time, is an off-campus elective class, that meets during the public school day, that enables students with parental permission to leave the school property to receive Christian education. Classes are held at a nearby church or non-school building. BEST is the only means by which Christian education, which is intended to help students cultivate a Biblical worldview, is allowed during the school day. BEST reinforces the constitutionally protected rights of parents to direct the religious upbringing of their children.

Spartanburg County

Bible Education in School Time

(SCBEST) is Spartanburg County’s own BEST program. We have been offering classes to students in Spartanburg for 14 years. We offer Christian education, just as students would receive if they attended a private Christian school, using curriculum designed to acquaint students with their creator and a Biblical worldview. We are an independent 501(c) 3, and  we are an interdenominational, parachurch ministry.  We appreciate you visiting our website, and  we hope you will take the time to thoroughly review the information we have provided. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

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